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William, Umweg, Z (4)
A Vote for Romney is a Vote against Social Progress - simply stating your disagreement with a candidate’s backward social position does not absolve you of the endorsement your vote implies.
William, Sue, Umweg (3)
Another Sista Souljah Moment Lost - It seems to me that hating Obama is the one unifying thread in the GOP right now, so why get all twisted about trying to get them to the polls
Something for Everyone? - . . . more jobs added overall than we’ve seen in 5 months, and the only sector not adding jobs is the government.
Umweg, William (2)
State of the Race from Where I Sit - My blanket position these days is that Obama is winning the political game, but if the economy dives it won’t matter. . .
Umweg, William (6)
Obama's Immigration Coup - Obama’s opponents just sound bitter that he had the balls to do it.
William, Umweg (3)
Omar & Carcetti: Looking for Obama in The Wire - Obama's favorite character from the show is Omar. He's just proving he’s paying attention.
Sexy Federal Budget Graphs - In reality, as the charts and data show, revenues decrease under Republicans while expenditures increase, creating large gaps between revenues and expenses.
Prophet of th... e, William (2)
Health Insurance Anguish; or why the system is corrupt and screws everyone - This is certainly an area where running the service as a business is not working well.
William, Umwe... anne, , Fi (9)
CEO as President? - Business provides the things that are valuable and profitable; government provides the things that are valuable but not profitable.
Umweg, William (2)
Waxing - The moon wanes. My interest wanes. Excitement for a politician wanes. Support for a program wanes. The moon waxes, but interest, excitement, and support do not! What waxes?
William, Umweg (2)
Tricky predicaments regarding Iranian oil and pump pain - neither the Republicans nor Obama see any strategic advantage in pointing out the fact that Obama’s strong sanctions against Iran are pushing up pump prices
Prophet of th... Umweg, Z. (5)
-isms; or why groups of people can't get along - I feel that the minute you identify yourself as one of these “-isms” you tend to exclude people who don’t identify that way.
William, Umweg (3)
Ricky and the Brain - Not only are they virtual human-doppelgangers, but they are playing eerily similar roles as those of the lovable cartoon mice
William, Anon... ees, Umweg (6)
Game Change; or That One Glorious Moment - . . . in the late summer of 2008, when there was a brief but real and glorious moment when we could have had a substantive, moderate debate.
Bibi Netanhayu, GOP Operative? - Obama strongly supports Israel but refuses to be its pawn, while the Republicans fall all over themselves to demonstrate their fealty.
William, Umwe... nard, Stan (12)
Glitter-Bombing Santorum - But it’s not just Santorum who opposes same-sex marriage and the 9th Circuit’s fabulous ruling. Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum all came out with statements condemning the ruling and calling on America to discriminate against homosexuals.
The Writing on the Wall - So, Gingrich is done, everyone knows it, and he’s staying in the race (for now). But it’s not because he betrayed the capitalist wing of the party
Greg, William... anne, Emma (6)
Myths and Science - While it is manifestly un-useful to hear that our brains are so complex that they create consciousness by the same seemingly-wondrous process that a rain forest creates an ecosystem, it is actually useful in our daily living to hear the psychological explanation of Mind, Self, Ego, consciousness, and unconsciousness
William, Greg (10)
When Mitt Romney Came To Town - Admitting that there are such things as fact and reality are third rails of Republican politics. Gingrich is over.
Greg, William... ando, Emma (10)
"Natural" Human Rights - Here we have a concept that is useful, but not true: the natural human right.
Greg, William (2)
Millionaire Small Business Owners - I heard an excellent "perspectives" piece on NPR from a small business owner who was willing to make the details of his taxes known in order to debunk the myth that truly small businesses would fall under Obama's argued-for increase of taxes on incomes over $250,000.
William, Greg (2)
Norquist should be celebrating... - There's a big difference between a little compromise and no compromise. It's like the difference between 0.00 and 0.1: it's just a small amount of difference, but the consequences are huge when you start to crunch the numbers.
William, Greg (3)
Cain stumbles and we're supposed to be surprised? - The whole charade just looks ridiculous if you’re someone who can’t bring himself to take Cain seriously.
William, Jaim... eonard, CB (15)
Dawkins & Kitcher; you & I - your point about morals and ethics being products of evolution, whereas religion merely codifies those instinctual guides imperfectly
William, Greg, Erin (6)
Jobs Speech Strategy - I absolutely loved what he had to say about tax reform: Get rid of the corporate loopholes and lower the rates. It strikes me that while . . .
Z, William (4)
The raging battle between "good" and "well" - Sometimes being right is what really matters. So let’s get in to this one so you can at least wield righteous indignation from a place of, well, righteousness.
Greg, William, Leonard (12)
Are "rag heads" people? - To try to live without any violence reflects a supreme belief in one’s separation from nature, which is not a possible state, no matter how much we believe in it. No being can be unnatural
William, Greg, Alex (6)
Some hard reading for an Obama supporter - Obama wasted some excellent opportunities to draw contrasts and pick and win fights . . . I’ve been giving him credit for achieving the possible instead of failing to achieve the perfect.
William, Greg (2)
"Corporations are people my friend" - Romney’s statement is multi-layered and interesting to parse. I’ll give it a shot here: . . . In the Citizens United case, the Supreme Court basically held that a corporation is a person who can express its right to free speech in the form of independent campaign spending
What I want Obama to say... - “For decades, members of both parties have passed many laws that both spend money and forgo taxes in order to give gifts to favored groups. To be clear, both pork-politics and tax loop-holes are two sides of the same coin
Greg, William (2)
Kristof's view - not really a laissez-faire Utopia, but more of a private-socialism-for-the-rich & general-capitalism-for-the-non-rich, in which the richest support each other and the rest are left to fend for themselves.
William, Greg (4)
Bad bad news... - US did Iran the biggest favor we could have by invading Iraq: Iran’s biggest rhetorical villain deposes Iran’s biggest actual enemy in a way that bolsters the rhetoric depicting the US as a hegemonic villain
Greg, William (2)
The Road - Apocalyptic settings do interest me because they lower the veil of modernity and reveal man for what he is: a smart animal. Removing the trappings of our myth of separation from nature allows evolution/nature to reign
Greg, William (4)
A moment for the grammarian... - Neither is technically singular, but it is used so often as plural that it is generally accepted. If you’re writing an email, it doesn’t matter; if you’re writing an article, use the latter of your examples.
Greg, William (3)
Logic/Grammar Help! - You’re getting tripped up, I think, by your use of “in achieving” and then your use of the prepositional phrase “through…”. Also, it depends on what part of the sentence you want the emphasis to be on
Greg, William (5)
Brooks@$%!?&&^ - humans are motivated, inherently, by the same goal that motivates all living things, all life: the survival of the species.
Greg, William (4)
High Anxiety - Quiet terror indeed. As I’ve said before, I fear that in order for an Obama win to be counted, he will have to win more than 54% of the popular vote and over 300 EVs.
William, Greg (7)
Palin by Comparison - This strange, strategic phrasing is reflective of McCain’s awareness that Palin’s fundamental ideology is way out of sync with the American public’s and his own.
Greg, William (3)
Wall-E, Obama, and the Apocalypse - I think that people are generally, if subconsciously, aware that the way we are living (not just the direction America is heading) is on a course for disaster
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