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  • Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive – Gould (1941-2002) was a brilliant Harvard professor of paleontology who wrote excellent academic and popular magazine articles that incisively explain evolution and natural philosophy.
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Myths and Science - While it is manifestly un-useful to hear that our brains are so complex that they create consciousness by the same seemingly-wondrous process that a rain forest creates an ecosystem, it is actually useful in our daily living to hear the psychological explanation of Mind, Self, Ego, consciousness, and unconsciousness
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Dawkins & Kitcher; you & I - your point about morals and ethics being products of evolution, whereas religion merely codifies those instinctual guides imperfectly
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Brooks@$%!?&&^ - humans are motivated, inherently, by the same goal that motivates all living things, all life: the survival of the species.
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