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  • RealClearPolitics – Excellent poll, opinion, and news aggregator — Around elections, I’m at RCP almost hourly.
William, Umweg, Z (4)
A Vote for Romney is a Vote against Social Progress - simply stating your disagreement with a candidate’s backward social position does not absolve you of the endorsement your vote implies.
William, Sue, Umweg (3)
Another Sista Souljah Moment Lost - It seems to me that hating Obama is the one unifying thread in the GOP right now, so why get all twisted about trying to get them to the polls
Something for Everyone? - . . . more jobs added overall than we’ve seen in 5 months, and the only sector not adding jobs is the government.
Umweg, William (2)
State of the Race from Where I Sit - My blanket position these days is that Obama is winning the political game, but if the economy dives it won’t matter. . .
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