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What is this?

This is a correspondence blog. It lives on interaction and constant conversation. It’s a long-form discussion forum with editorial review.

I want to start conversations with this blog about the important things in life. I have posted a few email exchanges that I hope to have the chance to continue with you when you Reply. I’ve got plenty more emails ready to share with the world, and I plan on sharing many of them gradually as I see fit. But the real aim here is to get you going, get you conversing with me in a public space.

The point of this blog is not simply to post my emails for intellectual voyeurs; the point of this blog is to provoke critical thought and inspire your participation in ongoing discussions on important topics, like politics, nature, and grammar.

Maybe I’ve offended your beliefs or sensibilities, and that’s OK by me, but I hope I’ve stimulated your brain along the way — I hope you care enough to take part.

Regardless of your motivation to do so, I invite you to get in on this epistolary conversation either by writing me a New Email about anything that interests you (I promise to respond, though I make no promises to post), or by Replying to any of the email chains that I’ve already posted. Perhaps we can create something interesting enough that other people to want to read it. That’s the real goal.

If you want to know more about me, either ask or just read the emails in my Inbox — they’ll give you a better idea than I can here. Enjoy.

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